Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Make My World So Colorfull - DS

Daniel Sahuleka...penyanyi sentimental asal Semarang Membawa ingatan ke jaman dulu...
Dimana konsekwensi segala tindakan sama sekali tidak terpikirkan :)
Ketika pilihan dipilih hanya karena keinginan sesaat
Saat waktu terasa lembut mengalir, tanpa terburu-buru  

Dulu itu, jalan puluhan kilo hanya untuk melihat matahari terbit adalah sesuatu yang berharga Menyandang gitar dan berbekal berbungkus supermie Lalu melompat kegirangan ketika tiba di puncak gunung yang super dingin  
Bukannya sekarang menjadi tak berharga..justru semakin tak terbayar..
Jangankan puluhan kilo, keliling lapangan Saparua saja bisa bikin napas ngos2an dan kaki bergetar ;)  

Aku gk hapal liriks nya..
Kira2 sih seperti di bawah ini..
Aku pilih 2 lagu deh..bukan yang yang kesannya paling dalam


You make my world so colorful

Morning sunshine's in our room
Now that room is back in tune
Autumn start this day with a smile

And laugh at my beautiful love one
Who's lying beside me
You so far away in your sleep
Who can tell what dream you may dream
You don't know that I was drawing
With my finger on your sweet young face
Vague as a meaning words

You make my world so colorful
I've never had it so good
My love I thank you for all the love
You gave to me

Like a summer breeze so soft
Like a rose you bring me near
And I kiss your lips so sweet
Soft like the rain and gentle as
The morning dew in may

Though they said that I was wrong
But thank god my will so strong
I got you in the palm of my hand
Everyday they try to put me on
But I laugh at those who tried to hurt our love

Hey, it's good to see you back again

Hey, it's good to see you back again
I was wondering where you've been
If its in the long time ago, I don't know
Seem to me, it's yesterday

Hey, you know you haven't changed so much
You know this moment really touches
My inner soul aparted will always felt for you
That's why my heart is stuck on you

Eversince I know you're name
Till now nobody can explain with words
The magic of another kind of happiness
You have saved me from my loneliness

Oh .. I miss you so

Hope you can stay a little longer
To be together once again
Hope you'll stay a little longer
But I don't know how much time
You got left

Hey it's good to see you back again
Only time knows where and when
And always stay in mysteri to once

But now it brings us here after years

Hey, I'm sure there is a lot to tell
I can see  you're doing well
The words I have in mind
Which can't be spoken
Make me reckless, hopeless