Sunday, December 17, 2006

IT Team Building - 2006

Last Saturday I've spent a quality time with my friends at work..Team Building time :)
We went to a resort
Games were great
Food was absolutely yummy.
Even the rain was stopped when we starting the game.

They -my friends- are brilliant!
Little bit crazy..but brilliant.
We can conquer any challenges made by the organizer
And my group is the first winner..horee...

One thing I will always remember about my friends on IT Dept - PT AIT is they ability to work together..
They can ask you to do things without yelling
They are willing to do things that other can not do or won't do..and they do it for you!
And we speak same language :)

I'm very proud to be their part, really 'am.

BTW.. why should I wrote this down in English? Huahahha..silly me, this is not your must-do-report Ita!!